Norway Destroyed Libya: How the “Peaceful” Countries Wage War Too

Norway Destroyed Libya: How the “Peaceful” Countries Wage War Too

The nation with the best possible frequent of dwelling in Africa, Libya, changed into destroyed in 2011 by a coalition of forces led by america. It changed into now now not now now not as a lot as 19 countries and NATO, all participating together in a single hunt for a person named Gaddafi.

Now, the country formerly identified because the most prosperous, gentle nation in Africa has been diminished to a hellhole rife with human trafficking, slavery, and terrorism. Of us know the coalition’s actions to ruin the regime (and existence of) Gaddafi are why Libya is in the enlighten it’s in now.

Amongst other folks who paid consideration, it’s identified that Hillary Clinton personally laughed about killing this guy on camera, announcing “We came, we saw, he died,” nonetheless fewer other folks know the varied parties who contain responsibility for the tragic results of this protection force coast.

These actions need to quiet now now not be forgotten: some governments play a procedure in NATO, in global dominance by this certain block of energy, that is so insidious it will quiet shriek other folks a component or two in regards to the personality of energy and discretion.

Essentially the most straightforward conceal conceivable for a warfare-waging, blood thirsty regime upright as sharp to ruin innocent civilians because the US, is this image that the country is about a gentle, restful bastion of tranquility. I’m speaking about countries esteem Norway, or Denmark.

If you watched of Norway, you in actuality don’t imagine a nation that dropped over 500 bombs on Libya in 2011. Yet, that’s precisely what they did. At the least 588 bombs were dropped onto Libya by Norway.

Per a Norwegian article translated to English, 60 years ago Norway built its popularity and nationwide identification as peacekeeper and world champion in relief.” Nonetheless, that popularity has confirmed to be nothing nonetheless an awfully effective, strategic conceal for upright but every other NATO ally, sharp to be conscious orders and ruin whoever the worldwide “personnel” wants destroyed.

Address in thoughts, all of this took pickle in Libya 7 years ago: they are potentially more ready for a NATO-led struggle now, in Syria presumably.

The authorities of Norway is firmly allied with NATO. Collectively, NATO and Norway tried to justify their actions in Libya by emphasizing that bombing targets were in moderation chosen with the “relief of first-hand intelligence.”

Nonetheless, Norwegian pilots coerced into dropping bombs on Libya admitted that in quite a lot of the missions, they themselves needed to seize the targets from the cockpit of a F16 jet.

seventy five% of the Norwegian bombing missions were essentially upright pilots discovering targets to strike, officially titled “SCAR” missions (Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance). They additionally chosen targets to be struck by varied allied forces, in line with the purposefully sophisticated to decipher reporting on the topic.

Norway implemented around 15% of all airstrikes to hit targets in Libya in the origin of the “civil” warfare in 2011, and contradictory files is floating around about who determined what targets to strike.

Per Science Nordic:

“No Norwegian bombs fell on Kosovo when Norway joined the worldwide forces there in 1999. In Norway’s two lessons of operations in Afghanistan [Operation Enduring Freedom and ISAF], it easiest dropped seven bombs.

Nonetheless in Libya that number jumped to 588.”

At the least 240 “laser guided neat bombs” were dropped onto targets in Libya by the Canadian Forces. At the least A hundred and ten Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired in Libya by the American and British Naval Forces upright in the very origin, sooner than French jets began launching air strikes towards Libyan military vehicles and tanks.

It changed into as depraved as you can even imagine, and who’s conscious of how many innocent other folks were killed.

Greek islands were utilized for attacking Libya, with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou volunteering the utilize of the island of Crete, which is genuine now between Italy and Libya, to abet air operations headed to pause the bidding of NATO.

From a NATO infamous in Naples, Italy, in terminate proximity to Libya which may per chance be very terminate to southern Europe, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says operational portray may per chance be “potentially implemented” at the time.

Canada, France, and the UK of course played principal more critical roles, but the participation of these reputedly gentle Nordic countries and European powers is aggravating to lisp the least.

Be conscious, it’s 2018: this all took pickle an total 7 years ago. And right here’s but every other procedure why they destroyed Libya: for be conscious, because one day this coalition of powers will mediate they have the total justification they must ruin Iran in a the same vogue.

The Libyan “civil” warfare changed into no more “civil” than the warfare in Syria. The aim in Syria and Iran is the identical, and the endgame is clear.

Merely about a months ago, the US, UK, and France all teamed as a lot as bomb Syria, and it served the procedure of normalizing the form of scenario so next time, perchance it may per chance most likely be 19 countries all fully unleashing their force on the authorities of Syria.

Merely keep in mind, these aloof countries have the categorical image and alibi to get away with whatever they wish, helping NATO.


(Image credit: pixabay, combinedops, dispatcheseurope, lasentinel, crossedcrocodiles, scoopempire)

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